3 Ingredient Easy Burlap Wreath (video)

Tis the season! We'd love to see this wreath in Burcheck or Burchev! If you've got some 4 or 5-inch burlap on hand, no problem! Feel like skipping a row here-or-there? No problem! Feel like adding even more loops? Will look AWESOME. This wreath is easy to get and requires just three (maybe even TWO!) things.


estimated time for this craft: 30 minutes



You will need 12 to 15 yards of 6-inch burlap, two zip ties and a wire frame wreath 16 inches in diameter. I would go with more, rather than less burlap, just to be safe.

To start - wrap your burlap around the outer edge of your wreath, bringing the loose edge down on top of the ribbon, envelope-style - instead of gluing or sewing this seam together, we’re going to use a zip tie like we would a needle and thread. Weave it in and out of the burlap then cinch into a loop - if you’re using Burchev, you’ll have an easier time weaving in the un-printed areas of the burlap.

If your zip tie is facing the wrong way when you go to cinch, that’s fine. You can twist it around or you can re-weave. 

Now here’s the best and worst part about this wreath: there’s not a lot of skill involved. This is great because it means really anyone can do it. But this also makes it a little difficult to explain in measured steps because you’re just doing a lot of twisting and pulling until it looks good. So here’s the basic idea - you are zig-zagging up this wire frame, pulling loops up in-between the wires. When you complete one row of 3 loops, you will twist the burlap so the printed-side is facing you, and start the process over again. Three rows of loops and two columns in every segment of the wire frame means each section has a total of 6 loops inside.

Remember - you want to pull ribbon from your spool - not from your wreath - to create new ears. If you pull at your wreath, you will shorten the work you have already done. So pull from your spool to create new loops

You will find that if you are using burlap, the texture of the ribbon is going to do all of your creative heavy-lifting. The burlap is almost always going to look great - just keep pulling and be confident!

There’s really no wrong way to do this. And this particular wreath is forgiving because we are not cutting or gluing the burlap at any point, so if you don’t like it, you can start over without losing any ribbon! Just trim off your zip ties and start again!

So when you are finished, you’re going to tuck your remaining edge into the back of the frame or repeat your first step and sew it to the back of the burlap using a zip tie. 

And that’s it! This is such a satisfying project. This wreath will look elegant, stylish and expensive every time. And you only need three things - burlap, wire frame, zip ties or floral wire! You can find all the specialty ribbon, packaging ribbon and hairbow ribbon you LOVE.

Thank you so much for watching!

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