5 Ways to Style Ribbon in Your Hair

Ribbon has an infinite number of ways it can be used: crafting, gift-wrapping, and styling! With so many different colors and prints to choose from at RABOM, your little fashionistas can sport a new look in their hair every day of the week. In this post we're going to show you some of our favorite ways to style our ribbon!

1. Cheer Bow

Cheer bows are a classic here at RABOM! They're easy to make, and can be customized with any pattern or bling you could imagine, so go crazy! Cheer bows look fantastic on top of a high ponytail! Click here to learn how to make one.

Red and white cheer bow on high ponytail

2. Double Ruffle Bow

If you're looking for an elegant and subtle accessory, a double ruffle bow is the perfect bow for you! Simply choose your favorite color and tie a piece around a low ponytail for a refined but fun look!

Purple double ruffle ribbon tied in a bow around low ponytail

3. Satin Weave

Some of you out there are looking for a hairstyle that's a little more complex. If that's you, be sure to try out this beautiful braid using satin ribbon! Pick your favorite color, cut a strand that is about double the length of the hair braid, and weave the end from the bottom of the braid to the top, then back down and secure both ends in place with a hair elastic.

Light blue satin ribbon weaved into a braid

4. Headband

Headbands are a great accessory because you can put anything you want on them, from ribbon to flowers to shabbies. If you want to make your own, you can wrap ribbon around the headband and affix a bow to the band. Or if you prefer a stretchy headband, you can pick up some of our cotton and crochet headbands! Find all of the trims you need here.

Back to School mini felt bow affixed to a headband with light coral ribbon wrapped around it

5. Mini Bow Clip

If still want to make a bow, but you want a smaller accessory than a cheer bow, you can always use a mini bow clip using grosgrain ribbon. This cute accessory can be worn with whatever hairstyle you want! High pony, low pony, braid, up-do, down-do, half-up half-down do...anything you can think of!

Mardi Gras print mini bow clip in hair

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