A Fall Craft For You & One For Your Kids!

Fall crafts are the perfect way of expressing how much you love the season. We are showing you a fall craft for you, and one for your kids! Have a family fall craft day and get the whole family expressing their artsy side! We are loving this Country Living craft for you to do!

Pumpkin Barrel

This is the cutest fall porch decor combining pumpkin, apples, and burlap! The pumpkin barrel allows you to show off your freshly picked apples, or anything you want to showcase!


1.Cut off the top quarter of an extra large pumpkin

2. Scoop out pulp and seeds

3. Hot glue 3 strips of burlap ribbon around the outside of the pumpkin

4. Stuff pumpkin 3/4 full with Poly-Fil

5. Insert burlap fabric into the opening and fold over outside of pumpkin; hold in place with upholstery tacks

6. Fill with apples or desired items! 

Next we have a fun fall craft for your kids. Check out this tissue paper fall tree craft from I Heart Crafty Things. 

Tissue Paper Fall Tree Craft



1. Cut a rectangle out of cardboard for the tree trunk

2. Cut another small section out to use as a stamp to make texture on the trunk. Use paint or a brown marker to add texture on the trunk.

3. Add glue on one section on the back of the paper plate, scrunch and add tissue paper onto the paper plate. Continue adding glue and tissue paper until it is full.

4. Staple your tree trunk onto the bottom of your paper plate and you have a tissue paper fall tree!

We hope you have enjoyed these fall crafts! Shop all ribbon needs HERE.



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