DIY Backpack Keychain

Go back to school in style and start this glitterific trend! Backpack tags or backpack keychains are the most adorable way to customize your bag! Get your supplies here at RABOM! 
You will need:
Start by cutting your ribbon strips at about 11 inches long. I made the solid grosgrain 13 inches to fit the name! Trim the ends and heat seal using a lighter. (optional)
Next, cut out the name or word you would like to go on the center piece using glitter vinyl and a Circuit machine. We decided to do school colors with  Light Navy solid grosgrain and Red glitter vinyl!
Okay, now it's time to start attaching the ribbon to the keychain. I twist the ribbon so it shows both printed sides forward and use hot glue to keep it exactly where I want it to fall! 
Continue this with the other ribbons attaching the name piece last and in the middle! Glue the back pieces together at the keyring to secure in place.
You're all done! So fun and easy you want to make one for every kid at school!
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