DIY Birthday Glitter Felt Crown

It's time to celebrate! If your little one has a birthday coming up, this is the perfect DIY for you! Make them feel like a prince or princess with this adorable and super easy to make glitter felt birthday crown!

You will need:

DIY Glitter Felt Birthday Crown

Start by cutting your crown shape out of your gold glitter felt using either a printed out shape and scissors or your Cricut cutting machine. Cut this shape out twice.
Next, cut your birthday number out of the 6"x 9" glitter felt so that it fits in the center of your crown shape. DIY Glitter Felt Birthday Crown

Using your hot glue gun, adhere your number to one of the sides of the crown.

DIY Glitter Felt Birthday Crown

Next, glue the top and bottom edges of your two crown pieces together, glitter sides facing out, leaving the left and right ends unglued. 

DIY Glitter Felt Birthday Crown

Now, take your ribbon and cut it into 2 pieces, each 20" long. On one end of each, cut a V shape and heat seal them with a lighter to keep them from fraying.

DIY Glitter Felt Birthday Crown

Insert the opposite end of one strip 1" into one of the open sides of your crown, sandwiching the ribbon between the felt. 

DIY Glitter Felt Crown

Using your hot glue gun again, glue the ribbon to the felt from both the front and back sides of the crown. Repeat this step on the other side with the remaining strip of ribbon.

DIY Glitter Felt Birthday Crown

And just like that your crown is ready for the birthday boy or girl to wear and enjoy! Tie the ribbon into a bow or knot in the back so that it fits your child's head and then begin the celebration!

Glitter Felt Birthday Crown

Don't forget to take photos of how your crown turned out and share them with us!
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