DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner and we've got some perfect tutorials to make spooky season a little easier! 
Follow along as we show you how to make four cute and simple Halloween Costume DIY's!

Felt Rose Headband 

Love this look? You can make your own similar headband with our 3-D Felt Roses! 


Felt Rose Headband Supplies

1. Start by cutting and assembling your die cut roses. Roll them into a rose shape starting from the outside smallest petals. 

Felt Die Cut Rose

2. Hot glue your petals as you go so that they stay in place. At the end, add hot glue to the bottom and adhere the final petal over the opening.

Felt Die Cut Rose Headband

3. Next, you'll need your satin headband. Start by placing them around the headband on a flat surface without glue so that you can see where they line up evenly from side to side. Mark your starting point and add hot glue to your headband. Immediately press one of your flowers onto the glue. Continue until you have all six glued onto the headband.

Felt Die Cut Rose Headband

Felt Die Cut Rose Headband

And there you have it! A beautiful felt rose headband to go perfectly with your costume!

Felt Die Cut Rose Headband

    Fairy Princess Wand and Tutu

    If your little one dreams of being a princess for halloween, then this is the perfect DIY to help complete the costume! Crafting this wand couldn't be easier and she will love how it sparkles!


    1. Cut about 3-5 ribbon pieces all approximately 10 inches long. After cutting, glue the ribbon and wooden stick to the backside of one of your larger glitter felt stars.

    2. Next, glue another same size felt star on top, securing the ribbon and wand in place. 

    3. Finally, glue your smaller star to the center of your larger star for a layered look!

    Next, the tutu!


    • (3-8) rolls of 6"wide tulle (3-4 rolls will yield a short tutu while 7-8 rolls will yield an ankle-length tutu)
    • 1/2"-wide elastic (length will depend on size)
    • satin ribbon for trim (optional)


     1. Make an elastic waistband. To determine the length of the elastic, measure your child’s waist. Subtract 4 inches then cut to that size. (For example, my child's waist is 21 inches, minus 4 equals a 17-inch piece of elastic.) The elastic will stretch as you are putting the fabric scraps around it.

    2. Cut your tulle. For shorter tutus, cut three or four rolls of 6”-wide tulle into 22” strips (more tulle = fuller skirt). For longer tutus, cut seven or eight rolls of 6”-wide tulle into the following length strips: 12 - 18 months = 24”, 2T = 30”, 3T = 35”, 4T = 38”, 5T = 42”, 6T = 46”, 7 yrs. = 50”, 8 yrs. = 54”. These sizes are not meant to go all the way to the floor, but rather to the ankles.

    3. The next step is attaching the tulle to the elastic band. Once you have cut all of your tulle into strips, take the first strip and fold in half so that it creates a loop. Bring the loop of your tulle up and over the inside of the elastic. The bottom of your tulle will be beneath the elastic waistband and the top of the loop will be above.With the loop still above the elastic, grab both of the bottom ends of the tulle strip. Pull the bottom ends of the tulle through your upper fabric loop. Pull tight to create a knot around the top. Repeat with the remaining tulle strips.

    4. Keep adding tulle until you’ve reached the desired fullness.

    And your beautiful tutu is ready to wear!

    Felt Superhero Mask




    1. Either using your cricut and SVG, or a  printout of the superhero mask as a stencil, cut 2 masks out of your desired felt color. 
    2. Measure around your child's head and cut a piece of elastic 1/2" shorter than this length (minus the width of the mask)
    3. Place the elastic on the center of each side of one piece of the mask and glue end ends to the mask using your hot glue gun.
    4. Add hot glue around the entire edges of your mask piece and glue the other mask side on top, sandwiching the elastic in between the layers. 
    Option: You could also use your sewing machine instead of hot glue to sew your mask pieces together
    5. Cut out any fun detail shapes from your remaining felt and glue them to the mask to finish off the look. 
    Superhero Felt Mask
    And there you have it! Four fun Halloween Costume DIY's!
    Be sure to share all of your amazing creations with us!
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