DIY Kentucky Derby Hat

Whether you’re attending the Kentucky Derby or just a Derby party at home, no Derby outfit is complete without a fabulous hat! Learn how to make your own Derby hat with our easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial.
All you need is:
First, wrap your ribbon around your hat with one side being about 8 inches longer. Glue in place.
Second, use the longer side and make your top three even loops. Glue them in place.
 Third, Take the shorter ribbon and make the other two middle loops. Adjust them to where the tail of the ribbons are angled even and glue in place.
Lastly, Glue your flower shabbies in place on either side of the loops and you're done! You can dress your hat up even more with feathers, tulle, and pearls!
Enjoy your fabulous new hat! We love to see what you make! Tag us in your projects on social media.