DIY Rainbow Ribbon Wreath

We just love this easy DIY from The Kingston Home
Looking for something to do with that leftover ribbon? Grab a hot glue gun and a foam wreath to create a DIY rainbow ribbon wreath – perfect for birthday parties, kids crafts, classroom decor and more.

Supplies Needed:


  1. Use the knife to cut the foam wreath in half. Note – a craft knife is too small to give a clean cut, so be sure to use a large kitchen knife.

2. Use a pen to mark five lines evenly spaced across the foam – that will be the color sections on your wreath. These are just to give you a rough idea of where to stop and start.


3. Start at one end of the rainbow and hot glue your first color to the back of the foam. Don’t worry about trying to get the ribbon exactly to the edge – both ends will be hidden by the paper clouds you are putting on at the end.


4. Wrap your ribbon around the foam several times (amount will vary depending on the size of the wreath). Make sure that the ribbon overlaps itself and pull tight as you go.


5. Once you get close to your first pen mark, make your last wrap around to the back of the foam and hot glue the ribbon down. Trim the excess.


6. Overlap your second ribbon color on the edge of your first ribbon and adhere with hot glue.


7. Repeat the steps until your rainbow is complete.

8. If you’ve got a die cutting machine or large die you can easily create paper clouds with white cardstock. I used my Cricut! Don’t have a machine? You can free-hand cut a cloud or there are plenty of free images available on line that you can print out and use as a template.

9. Use glue dots to adhere the clouds to the wreath.