Easy Ribbon Rose

A lovable DIY to get in the Valentine's spirit! You can use this idea anywhere from a table center piece to a shabby for a headband! Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to make a simple yet elegant ribbon rose! 
All you need is:
Cut 36 inches of satin ribbon. Leave about 4 inches for the "tail" and begin to fold the ribbon in right angles, folding in the same direction.
Continue folding in right angles until you have about 5 layers and 3 inches of ribbon left. Try to keep your folds in a square shape with a small hole in the center. 
Once you are done folding, carefully grab the layered ribbon and pull the tail through the middle hole. Gently twist the tail until your ribbon forms a rose shape! Hot glue the ribbon tails in place so your rose is secure. 
Tie the tails together in a knot and trim off the tails. Glue together to secure the knot.
After that you are all done with your ribbon rose! How easy was that? Now you can deicide how you want to use your rose. For, example I glued mine to a stem and placed it in a jar to use as a shelf decoration!
We love to see what you make! Share with us on social media how you used your rose ribbon!