Easy Wired Ribbon Pumpkin DIY

We are loving this quick and easy Fall ribbon DIY from A Week From Thursday!
Follow along with these simple instructions to make your own!


Easy Wired Ribbon Pumpkin DIY

You will need:

Start by cutting four equal sized strips from the ribbon about 14 inches. You’ll want to leave an additional 1 – 2 inches on the ends to wrap them. The longer the ribbon, the bigger the pumpkin. 

Try using a “template pumpkin” to get a good size.

Take the first two ribbons and cross them right at the middle. Temporarily tape them down to hold in place.

Add the third ribbon, diagonally intersecting the other two. Then add the fourth ribbon, crossing diagonally the other way across the existing ribbons. Secure with tape.

Slowly start twisting the open ends of the ribbon together, until they’re all bunched and have closed the top.

Secure by wrapping a wire or twist tie around the ends.

Sometimes the ribbons get pushed around in the process, but simply puff them out and help mold them into a pumpkin shape. Remove your clear tape once your pumpkin has its desired shape. Then add a cinnamon stick for a stem and you're done!

Try making multiple in different colors or using a different one of our beautiful wired ribbon choices!

Be sure to snap a picture of your pumpkin and share it with us by tagging