Football Party Decoration Ideas

It's finally football season! If you're hosting the watch party for any of the games this year, we have some ideas for you! We have a variety of football themed prints plus specific SEC team prints to match your favorite team perfectly! Shop them here!


Let's start with the front door!

We love these bows that go so perfectly on your front door! 

Another idea for your front door is football wreaths! Too cute when you add a bow!

More sign ideas!

We love these football signs! They are the perfect decoration for anywhere in your home. You could even make the football and letters out of felt!

More wall decorating!

Another idea for decorating your space is football banners! Use cardstock to cut out the triangle shape and then thread the ribbon to hold them together and hang it up! Or tie multiple pieces of your football themed ribbon onto one long piece of ribbon or string like in the second photo! We love both of these ideas!

Table Decorations!

We love adding ribbon to everything! It just adds the cutest touch.

Especially adding ribbon to the silverware! Use your team colors and it will look perfect! We also love adding ribbon to our table centerpiece, it's a game changer!

We hope this blog post has inspired you for when you're decorating your own party! If you use any of these ideas, tag us! We would love to see them.



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