Handmade Holiday Ribbon Ornaments

The holiday season is here! Time to put on your favorite Christmas sweater, pour a cup of cocoa and start your holiday DIY crafting! This week, we're showing you five ways to use ribbon to make adorable ornaments for your Christmas tree! 
1. Velvet Wrapped Ornament

Velvet ribbon DIY ornament

All you need is  3/8" velvet ribbon for this ornament! Cut four strips that fit all the way around your ornament and with a hot glue gun, adhere them to the top. Add a velvet ribbon tie to hang it with and you're finished!

2. Customized Holiday Ribbon Ornament

printed custom ribbon holiday diy ornament

Using one of our amazing customized holiday ribbons, make bows to put on top of your ornaments! Everyone will love seeing this unique and personal touch on your Christmas tree!

3. Velvet Bow Ornament

Velvet Bow DIY ribbon ornament

Try adding a large velvet bow and tie to a solid colored ornament! This will give it an elegant yet fun touch!

4. Glitterific Jingle Bell Ornament

glitterific stretch ribbon diy ornament

You can turn a large jingle bell into a sparkling ornament in just seconds simply by adding a glitterific ribbon tie!

5. Glitterific Filled Ornament

glitter ribbon filled ornament diy

Last but not least, using clear ornament bulbs, cut long strips of your favorite Glitterific ribbon color and loop them into your ornaments for a fun and sparkling effect. Use a piece of 3/8" solid grosgrain for your ties.

Be sure to share with us how your ornaments turned out! Tag your photos with