How to Package Your Bows for Shipping

RABOM Blog is back with more business talk! We are thrilled to be hearing more and more that our customers are venturing out into the world of owning your own small business. Let's face it, times are crazy these days, and we are all for finding joy in each moment and starting down the road to fulfilling your dreams NOW. Waiting is for the birds. Yes, it can be scary to take big leaps, but all it takes is one step after the other and we have faith that you will achieve your goals!

Now to the fun stuff! Once you have started selling your bows or other handmade items, it is time to get your goods in the hands of your customer. As we all know, first impressions are everything. If your customer receives an item that is visually pleasing and makes them feel special, they are more likely to write you a good review, tell their friends and purchase again. Design and aesthetics don't always seem like a necessity especially when you are a fledgling company and don't have the funds to splurge. But, don't worry, there are cost effective, affordable ways your product and the packaging can make a statement.

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 1. Safety in Shipping

Hairbows and other handmade items are often delicate. Take the time to bend and (gently) smash your item. See how much pressure it can or can't take. This will help you determine what type of packaging you will need. If your item is fairly sturdy, a bubble mailer or shipping pouch could potentially be sufficient. Metronic 6 x 10 Inch 25 Pack Bubble Mailers, Fancy Daisies Poly  Bubble Mailer Cute Small Mailer,Bubble Envelopes,Padded Mailers for  Shipping Jewelry,Lips,Cosmetic,DVD,Waterproof, Self-Seal Adhesive :  Industrial & Scientific

 For most handmade items and hairbows, though, a box is going to be much more protective and a safer way to ensure your items make it to their final destination in tact. ULine is a great resource for boxes and, if that doesn't fit your needs, a simple Google search should help. Boxes come in ALL sizes so test a few sizes to see what works best for your average order.

1000x Black White Kraft Paper Boxes Handmade Product Packaging Box  5.5x5.5x2.5cm | eBay

 Blank newsprint paper, bubble wrap or even scraps of your project material can all serve as filler to ensure your items are protected. When you shake your filled shipping box, you should not be able to hear your items moving around much so make sure you use some type of filler for that peace of mind. It sounds silly, but you could even send some shipments to friends and family and have them unbox their package over FaceTime so you can see their reaction, how well your items are protected and the overall feel of the order. And that brings us to...

2. Special Touches

Here's your time to shine!! Creative creators get turned off by the mechanics of business ownership and shipment details, etc. But THIS is your time to get those juices flowing and come up with beautiful, interesting, different than the usual and affordable ways to elevate your shipments! As we mentioned earlier, unboxing a package from a small business can either be boring or inspiring. The latter may easily lead to more business for you and, most importantly, happy customers. These are the customers who will share your products and business and who will come back and order more because they remember that special feeling they had when they opened your package. Some ideas include a personalized sticker or label, a stamp with your business logo, simple tissue, a free giveaway no matter how small, a hand-written note or personalized ribbon from RABOM. Think of the unboxing of your product as an experience that will leave a lasting memory. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. Great packaging showcases the business owner's heart. One last thing - don't forget to include your information on a card or sticker so they can share and order again. You can even include a coupon for future purchases too!

 Packaging ideas for handmade items — Katana

 3. Cost

It is so important to remember to protect your profits because, as much as you love creating, you are running a business and no business is successful if you don't accurately assess our margins (costs vs how much money you are bringing in). So, as you are preparing your packaging, remember to weigh your shipping and packaging supplies and incorporate the associated costs into your product or shipping charge to the customer. This will protect your business and profits and allow you to successfully keep your business going.

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The bottom line is that packaging matters. Consider keeping your products in tact during shipping, costs associated with packaging and shipping and making it a beautiful experience for your customer on the other end. You are doing big things and we are proud of you! Please share your stories with us! We would love to connect with you. 

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