Kite Wall Decoration Tutorial!

We've been seeing this trending decor DIY everywhere and we knew we had to try it!  This charming project is not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly easy to make, adding a playful vibe to any room. Whether you’re decorating a nursery, adding a personal touch to a child’s bedroom, or simply wanting to bring some whimsy into your home office, this felt and ribbon kite is the perfect project. Let’s get crafting!


- Felt

Step 1

Let's get started by taking our piece of felt (ours is 9x6" but yours can be smaller or larger!) and folding it in half. 

Step 2

Now, take your ruler and mark two straight lines to cut to make your kite shape. 
We recommend one line being longer than the other to make it less of a diamond and more of a true kite shape. 
Then, you can cut on the lines and unfold your felt.
It should look something like this.

Step 3

Now let's grab your ribbon! 
We used 7/8" satin but you can use whatever type you'd like. 
Our strip was 7" long and we tied it into this style of bow. Feel free to make yours however you'd like! 

Step 4

Now cut a longer piece of ribbon for the tail and use your hot glue gun to attach it to the bottom of your felt kite.

Step 5

Then take your bow you tied earlier and hot glue it to the top of the tail. 
And you're all done! 
We made a couple more coordinating kites to hang together as a trio! 
And now your DIY felt and ribbon kite is ready to brighten up your wall! This easy-to-make decor piece not only adds a splash of color and charm to any room but also brings a sense of joy and playfulness. It’s a perfect weekend project that can involve kids and adults alike, making it not just a decorative piece but a delightful memory on your wall. Tag us in your creations!