Ribbon Tassel Keychain

This adorable keychain is SO easy to make thanks to Brooklyn Berry Designs


This ribbon tassel keychain is a great scrap buster for anyone who crafts.  I used lace, sequins, embroidery thread, gold thread, and various widths and types of ribbons. This ribbon tassel is not only so cute, but so simple to make. Check out this easy DIY craft using ribbon! 


 To make this ribbon tassel keychain you only need a few simple things:

1. A Keyring

2. Ribbon, Lace, Sequins, whatever combination you like! You can find the best ribbon assortment HERE! 

3. Scissors 

To Make:

Gather your ribbons and fold over a keychain.  Tie another ribbon around the top to keep them secure. Voila! You are done! 

I immediatley added mine to my planner just for fun.  Once I get a new phone case I will make another tassel keychain to attach to the case.  

Hello, easy to find keys!