Safe Social Distancing Activities With Your Kids!

Social distancing can get lonely and boring sometimes, so it is important to keep things fun and interesting! If your kids are getting bored of the same ole’ thing, try these fun activities that practice safe social distancing!

1. Dinner theme night

One night every week have a dinner theme night! This can be 70's night, 80's night, favorite superhero, favorite cartoon character, and more! This is fun for the whole family and makes dinner fun!

2. Build a fort inside or outside

Forts are a classic way of having fun while building something. Build a fort inside with pillows and blankets or outside with tree limbs & leaves! You can curl up with a good book while your kids use your imagination!

3.Go on a walk around the neighborhood

Fresh air and exercise are essential to good health, so grab your kids and take walk around the neighborhood, or to a local trail for a little hike. Let them play 'I Spy' while you get some steps in!

4. Have a family field day

Have a friendly competition and recreate field day for a day full of family fun! Play pillowcase potato sack race, "don't drop the egg" relay with a spoon, bed sheet tug of war, and kickball.

5. Childhood games

Let your kids play your favorite childhood games. Play duck duck goose, grab a hoola hoop or jump rope, draw with chalk, or play hopscotch!

6. Create an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt

Leave clues around your house or yard to lead your kids to a final prize. Let them be on the same team or have a friendly competition. 

Find more activities at Parents and Connecticut Children's.

Our RABOM family hopes you stay safe and have fun with these activities!



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