Sew-In Ribbon Tags For Your Business

Buying individual tags through printing companies for your business can be time consuming and expensive. But, buying a roll of ribbon with cut lines and working with our graphic designers is easy and inexpensive compared to others! So in this blog post, let's talk about how your business can use sew-in tags, why you should, and how to order them.

What are sew-in tags and why should I want them?

A sew-in tag, also known as a clothing label or fabric label, is a small piece of fabric that is attached to a garment, accessory, or any other product by sewing it directly into the item. Most commonly thought of on clothing but they can also be found on various other products, such as bags, blankets, towels, and handmade crafts! These tags are typically sewn into the seams or hems of products to ensure they are securely attached and remain in place. The tag usually includes your business name and/or logo and any kind of special instruction or sizing information. 
Having sew-in tags for your products ensures people will know and be able to look back to see where the product is from if they're looking to buy another or if someone asks, which is especially important for a lesser known, small business! Branding your product always makes it more valuable and raises the chance of a return customer.

How do I go about getting my own sewn-in tags?

Click here to send us an email with your request and that will get you in touch with one of our graphic designers. From there, they will work with you to create the perfect tag you had in mind! 

Need some inspiration?

Here are a few mock tags we made to show you how it could look. Again, it's all completely customizable to how you want them!

If you're interested, email us here with a request and we will get back to you ASAP!

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