Summer Barbecue Decor Ideas

Summertime is here and that means getting together with friends and family and having a little barbecue! If you are looking to take your party decor up a notch this year, look no further! We have five super simple, budget friendly, and adorable ways to kick up your barbecue decor game and impress all of your guests! Check them out here!

Gingham Ribbon Wrapped Utensils

A super simple way for each guest to grab their own utensils! Pack sets of plastic utensils together with a napkin and tie them with picnic party ready gingham ribbon!

Festive Candle Votive Jarssummer barbeque ribbon

Try combining bandana ribbon with solids to make this cute candle votive to place on each table for once the sun goes down! The best part is, they only take five minutes to make!

Watermelon Ribbon Bannersummer barbeque ribbon

Everyone loves a good, juicy piece of watermelon at a summer barbecue! Why not add some watermelons to your decor?! Make a cute watermelon ribbon banner by tying various widths of ribbon strips together onto your banner ribbon. Get creative with mixing and matching and making it as long as you want!

Ribbon Can Centerpiecessummer barbeque ribbon

Save your cans! For this project you can create table centerpieces by spray painting vegetable cans and filling them with your favorite flowers. Make it stand out by adding burlap ribbon and tying your favorite printed ribbon into a bow around it!

summer barbeque ribbon

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