The Best of 2022!

The new year is almost here and today we are counting down the top ten products and trends of the year here at RABOM! Find out what our must-have prints and ribbons of the year are!

10. Velvet

Being one of our most luxurious and cozy ribbons, velvet is starting off our countdown at #10!  Such a versatile ribbon with so many stunning colors, it can be used from everything from decor to hair bows to gift wrapping and more! 

9. Spring Ombre

spring ombre ribbon

Next on the list is our super sweet Spring Ombre! A fun and soft rainbow of colors kicks off our top prints of the year! Try it with moonstitch for an even more feminine touch! 

8. Gingham

gingham printed grosgrain ribbon

Coming in at #8, Gingham is one of our top prints and it is easy to see why! We have the perfect gingham for every season and occasion whether its rainbow, summer, Valentine's, fall, spring, St. Patrick's, cherry, pumpkin, picnic, or more! Gingham is a staple print for all bow making and home decor!

7. Paw Print

paw print grosgrain ribbon

We all love our furry friends and what better way to show it off than with our paw print ribbon! Our #7 best product of 2022 comes in so many fun and bright colors! Try using it to accessorize your adorable little pup! It's the perfect ribbon to add onto a collar or doggie bow tie!

6. Dazzle Grosgrain

dazzle grosgrain

Sparkle, dazzle, and shine is what it's all about! One of the most popular products of the year is our dazzle grosgrain! With so much glitter, it's hard not to stand out with this ribbon!

5. Wool Blend Felt

felt bow

Did you know felt makes the cutest bows?! And the best part is that it's so easy to work with! Felt won't fray like fabric so no need to be a sewing expert to make beautiful bows and other projects with it! And the best part is we offer over 100 colors of our beautiful wool blend felt! If you haven't tried it yet, 2023 is the year to jump on board!

4. Cow Print

cow printed grosgrain ribbon

Mooo-ve on over for #4! It's cow print! This spotted print comes in black, brown, and even strawberry and is a fan favorite! It's a perfect animal print to add to any collection!

3. Satin

satin ribbon

Satin is one of our most versatile ribbons! It's perfect for luxurious hair bows that can be made without sewing and can also be used for so much more. Gift wrapping, wedding decor, and crafting are just a few! And with so many gorgeous, lush colors, it's no wonder that it is topping our list!

2. Wildcat & Leopard Print

wildcat leopard printed grosgrain ribbon

Our top prints of the year are here! Leopard and wildcat have made it to the top of the printed ribbon charts here at RABOM. Leopard is a wardrobe staple and therefore a perfect fit for hair accessories! It's a must-have for all bow makers! 

1. Scalloped Grosgrain

And we have made it all the way to the top! Coming in at #1 is our oh so adorable scalloped grosgrain! It truly is the sweetest ribbon you will ever use! With 20 amazing colors, you will find the perfect scallop for every bow you will want to make! This darling ribbon is great for bows of all kinds and it is easy to see why it has made it to the very top of our best of 2022 list!

Show us how you used your favorite 2022 ribbons! 

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See you in 2023!

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