The Quick Decorating Turn From Christmas To NYE

The holiday season is a whirlwind of joy, celebration, and decoration. As Christmas festivities wind down, you may find yourself wondering what to do with all those beautiful decorations. The good news is that you don't have to pack them away just yet! With a few creative touches and a bit of inspiration, you can effortlessly transition your Christmas decorations into New Year decor that will keep the festive spirit alive. In this blog post, we'll explore some fun and stylish ideas to help you make this transition seamlessly.


1. Wreaths and Garlands:
  • Ribbon Bows: Tie and attach large bows to your wreaths or garlands for a festive and welcoming entrance! Consider using satin or glittery ribbon for an extra sparkly touch.

  • Streamers: Hang ribbon streamers from your wreaths or garlands, allowing them to gently sway in the breeze. Opt for ribbons in different lengths and colors to create the perfect look!

2. Balloon Decorations:
  • Balloon Tails: Tie ribbons to the ends of helium-filled balloons to create elegant balloon tails! Or just tie a bow at the bottom of the balloon onto the string. Cute and trendy. Make sure to choose ribbons that match your color scheme!

  • Balloon Banners: Create a stunning balloon banner by stringing balloons together with ribbon. Spell out "Happy New Year" on the balloons for a cute photo opt!

3. Table Settings:
  • Napkin Rings: Fashion ribbon into stylish napkin rings. Tie them around rolled-up napkins and secure with a decorative knot or bow.

  • Chair Decor: Add ribbons to the backs of dining chairs! You can tie them in bows or drape them elegantly for a formal touch.

4. Centerpieces:
  • Ribbon-Wrapped Vases: Wrap glass vases or candle holders with ribbon to create chic centerpieces. Secure the ribbon with adhesive dots or double-sided tape.

  • Ribbon Wands: Make ribbon wands by attaching long ribbons to the end of wooden dowels or sticks. These wands can be used for dancing and cheering when the clock strikes midnight, plus they're the cutest photo prop!

5. Tree Decorations:
  • Ribbon Garlands: String, your NYE color scheme, ribbon garlands through your Christmas tree, adding a festive flair! Mix and match ribbon widths and textures for a layered effect.

  • Ribbon Bows: Top your tree with a large ribbon bow instead of a traditional star or angel. It adds a touch of elegance to your tree plus takes your decor another step away from the traditional Christmas look.. since this is for NYE!

6. Party Favors:
  • Ribbon-Tied Favor Bags: Use ribbons to tie up party favor bags. You can also attach small tags with New Year's wishes or the new year number!
7. Hanging Decorations:
  • Ribbon Chandeliers: Create ribbon chandeliers by hanging ribbons from your own preexistent fixture or a circular frame or embroidery hoop. Hang these decorative pieces from the ceiling to add a whimsical element to your decor!

  • Hanging Stars: Craft paper or fabric stars and embellish them with ribbon loops for hanging. These starry ornaments can adorn your home or party venue!

8. Confetti Poppers:
  • Ribbon-Pulled Poppers: Craft DIY confetti poppers using empty toilet paper rolls. Attach ribbons to the ends so that guests can pull them to release the confetti at midnight.
9. Party Hats:
  • Ribbon-Trimmed Hats: Decorate plain party hats with ribbon trim for a custom look. Let guests choose their party hats when they arrive for a fun activity!
10. Champagne Bottles:
  • Ribbon-Tied Bottles: Dress up your champagne bottles by tying ribbon bows around the necks! It's an elegant way to present your New Year's toast.


Remember that the key to using ribbon effectively in your New Year decor is to coordinate colors and styles to create a cohesive and festive atmosphere. Whether you opt for classic elegance or a playful look, ribbons can add that extra touch of celebration and sophistication to your New Year's Eve festivities! If you try any of these, we would love to see! 

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