Trending Hair Accessories for Adults!

You see it all the time - sweet bows and ponytail ties in little girls’ hair and on top of the heads of cheerleaders. But do you wish you could incorporate some of that beauty into your hair game? Well, lucky for you, hair ribbons are making a comeback for teens and adult women. And, the plus side is you won’t look like you are 5 years old! Often made from velvet, satin and grosgrain, these hair ties are classy and classic, and they truly elevate that boring hair tie we are so used to wearing. 
Accessories should be the jewelry and special touch that personalizes a complete look. We focus on clothes, shoes and makeup so much of the time while our hair gets a quick straighten or curl and we call it a day. How fun to be able to add some oomph with something as easy as a ribbon? It’s funny because when girls are young, especially here in the South, we stick a bow in pretty much any hairstyle and it is considered a daily staple just the same as shoes or clothes. We are here to tell you that the simple and elegant beauty that comes with a bow does not have to end when you outgrow boutique bows! 
When you look around at shops and even fashion runways, you may be surprised how much ribbon is used in hair accessories. The trend of easy, every day hair ribbons for teens and adults has significantly grown in retail stores lately but click here to see some fun pictures of celebrities wearing hair ribbons dating back to the 1950s! From Etsy to Anthropologie, you can find ribbon that is long, short, fluffy, skinny, wide, on a clip, scrunchie, bobby pin, hair tie, headband. There are endless options - but we are here to tell you that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make these gorgeous hair accessories! Visit RABOM for endless options of ribbon and hardware to make your ribbon dreams come true! 
Check out these styles:
  1. Simply tie a plain ribbon around your head, ponytail or braid. You can even embellish the ribbon with gems or stones if you want some bling! Browse this article by Mane Addicts to see more examples. 

Red Carpets and Fashion Shows:
 2. If you have beautiful gift packaging ribbon laying around, don’t be afraid to wrap it into a braid or incorporate it into your hairstyle. Click here to see some easy ways to use your fancy gift wrap ribbon to glam up your do!
3. When you want a look that is both elegant and stylish, velvet bows are the way to go. Check out our tutorial on how to make a simple velvet mini bow clip! You’ll be surprised at how easy this classic bow is. Click  here  to see how!
Velvet bow clip
4. Headbands are all the craze right now so we’re going to show you how to dress it up with satin ribbon. Click here to see how we made a scrunched satin headband!
satin headband