What is Grosgrain?

Solid grosgrain

 Have you ever heard the word “Grosgrain,” pronounced “grow-grain”, and wondered what kind of grain someone was growing? Just kidding. This French word is often used but most people, including crafters, may not be familiar with the product. While ribbon is widely used in many arenas, such as crafting, sewing, clothing construction, DIY, hair accessories, even book binding etc, there are many different fabrics, if you will, from which ribbon can be created. You may have seen a variety of types - satin, sheer, sparkly, stretchy, velvet, wired, striped, wide, narrow, printed, solid, embellished, simple, and, yes, grosgrain ribbon. Grosgrain is one of the most utilized ribbon types as it has an elegance and durability that facilitates many different uses. 

The word “grosgrain” comes from the original French words “gros gram” meaning thick texture. Used in the 17th century as a less expensive alternative to high end wool and silk, grosgrain has evolved from a fabric to a ribbon trim constructed with finely woven ribbed cording, which enhances its strength and durability. It is a versatile ribbon that can be made from nylon, polyester, cotton or wool.

Grosgrain ribbon has a wide range of uses and is heavily leaned on in clothing construction as a trim but also as a structural support for reinforcement in waistbands and connecting undergarments together. Perhaps surprisingly, it is also used for bowties, cumberbunds and as an enhancement to men’s suit jackets. These types of grosgrain ribbon might be made from cotton or synthetic nylon and polyester. Thicker weaves of nylon can be used to create heavy duty webbing for belts, leashes, straps, securing equipment, etc. Some of the most recognizable uses for grosgrain ribbon are in gift wrapping, wreaths, scrapbooking and embellishing, holiday decor. These ribbons are often wired to allow for the manipulation and stability. 

While there are numerous highly effective uses for solid grosgrain ribbon, the most common use for this type of ribbon is in the hair bow and accessories industry. From casual, solid-colored hair bows to embellished cheer bows with long tails and lots of sparkle and headbands simply wrapped with a ribbon, the possibilities are endless. Where there are many uses, there are also many levels of quality, which, for better or worse, can affect the end product look, quality and durability. At RABOM, we are proud to provide ribbon that is made by companies in the USA who have the same goal of prioritizing attention to detail and producing only high quality ribbon.



 Solid grosgrain is available in widths from ¼” to 4”, lengths from 5 to 1000’s of yards and 110 colors, and RABOM ships all ribbon from one place whether the order is 5 yards or 5000 yards. Additionally, RABOM provides wholesale pricing for all customers, no minimums. 

Solid ribbon

One of the unique qualities of grosgrain is that it allows ink to be printed onto its ribbed surface without smudging or peeling off. Depending on the use of the ribbon, a company logo, family name, holiday message, or team name might be appropriate. Personalized ribbon can be an extension of a brand, allowing for a gift, package, ribbon cutting, hair bow, clothing item to speak for itself and further highlight the signature spirit of the brand. With low minimum order quantities (low MOQ) and on-site printing, RABOM can quickly design, print and ship personalized ribbon with the assistance of our on-site graphic designer at no additional cost to you. 

So now you know! Grosgrain ribbon is a versatile, sturdy, strong, useful ribbon that has many uses. From individuals to small and big businesses, grosgrain ribbon is utilized often and can be a cost-effective and reliable tool when it is high-quality ribbon and made with attention to detail. If you are interested in browsing grosgrain ribbon or other types of ribbon, visit our website at www.ribbonandbowsohmy.com. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team at RABOM and we will be happy to guide you!