Why Your Business Needs Our Ribbon

Did you know that the options don't stop with just the ribbon on our website? We can make you or your business it's own custom ribbon! We offer Grosgrain, GlitterFlex, or Duchesse Satin as the base and can do anything from a simple logo or name to more complex patterns and prints! If you're interested, you can submit your form here to get in touch with one of our graphic artists. But if you aren't completely convinced just yet.. keep reading!

Why should your business have custom ribbon?

1. Helps create a strong brand identity. Establishing a unique and memorable brand identity is easy when you have cohesive branded ribbon on your products! A strong brand identity will set your business apart from its competitors and make it instantly recognizable, in the best way.

2. Packaging Matters. Whether your business ships it's packages or you have customers shopping in store, packaging matters to them! A recent study says that "72% of American consumers state that a product's packaging design has an impact on their decision to buy". And let's think about it, have you ever shopped and came back to a business because you liked the overall look and feel to it? We know we have! And a survey says we aren't alone in that, stating that "63% of consumers have purchased a product again because of the appearance of its packaging". So, let's not miss out on the majority of consumers just for a lack of aesthetic packaging!

3. Effective Marketing. Branded ribbon serves as a subtle yet effective marketing tool. It can reinforce your brand message, add charm to your products, or be used to promote special occasions or events! Branded ribbon can enhance the visual appeal of products in photos and social media posts. That means customers and even influencers may be more inclined to share images of your products which is always a good thing. 

And there are so many other ways on top of these three that having branded ribbon can help your business grow!

Still a little confused on what we mean by "branded ribbon" or just need some inspiration? Here is our own logo printed onto grosgrain and our name printed onto the duchess satin! Stay tuned for another blog post full of ideas to use for your own business' branded ribbon!

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