Bow Headband Tutorial

We are loving these big bow headbands that we've been seeing everywhere! They're so easy to make and customize to every occasion. Plus you'll only need 3" ribbon, a headband, and your tools, scissors and a hot glue gun
Now that we have everything we need... let's get started!

Step 1

Cut 16" of your 3" ribbon. We are using our red dazzle grosgrain and red stripe satin headband in this tutorial!

Step 2

Now, fold your ribbon in half and glue the ends together.

Step 3

Now, hold the middle and accordion fold the middle. We used a zip tie to secure the fold and then wrapped a red piece of 3/8" ribbon to get a cleaner look. 

Step 4

Then you can grab your headband, add glue to the top, and attach your bow.

Step 5

After it's dry you can be done there... or, you can add a fun centerpiece! We used white glitter felt and added a star to the center!

We loved making a festive one for the holidays coming up but you can use any 3" ribbon to make the cutest bow headband for every season! If you followed along, we would love to see!

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