Cheer Bow Graphic Instructions

Cheer Bow Graphics

Getting started!
Each dye-sub graphic is designed to fit 3" wide/up to 30" long grosgrain ribbon. To shorten length to 26" or 28", be sure to trim graphic to desired length accordingly based on graphic position. The extra strip of ink included between the 3" graphics is for an optional 3/8" bow center. 

Sublimation Instructions:
1. Set Heat Press to 400° F and set Timer to 60 seconds.
2. Cut out and separate the graphics and bow center into 3 individual strips.
3. Cut 3" grosgrain ribbon to desired length (26" - 30") and 3/8" grosgrain ribbon for bow center.
4. Because the ink from graphics can transfer to your heat press, make sure to lay down blank paper underneath your ribbon prior to pressing. Change out blank paper after each press.
5. To set up the transfer, place 3" ribbon on top of your blank paper, then place cheerbow graphic strip face down on top of your ribbon (ink side facing ribbon).
6. Press 1 graphic at a time making sure to align tail of graphic to tail of grosgrain strip. 
TIP: To avoid ghosting, remove ribbon from graphic strip immediately after press opens. OPTIONAL: Press bow center to 3/8" grosgrain using same settings.

Graphic Placement:
TO BEGIN Press graphic as shown below on 30” long 3” wide Grosgrain Ribbon.
Using a longer or shorter length of ribbon? See Getting Started above

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