Winter Hair Clips

We are so excited for Christmas that we've decided to go ahead and start crafting! Specifically, making a few of our favorite Winter and Christmas inspired hair accessories so that we're ready for December! 

Here's What We'll Need!

Let's Get Started!

Step 1

To get started, take your ribbon and cut 8, 3" pieces.

Step 2

Now, take one piece, fold it in half, and add a tiny dot of hot glue to attach the ends.

Do this to all 8 pieces!

Step 3

Then you can grab your centerpiece, we used our white rhinestone pearl, and glue the pieces to the back of it.

Do this with all 8 pieces. Try to keep them evenly spaced!

Step 4

Now let's put that aside and grab our hair clip. Then, cut a 4" piece of your 3/8" ribbon.

Now, wrap your ribbon on the outside of your clip and use hot glue to attach it.

Step 5

Then we can grab our shape we made earlier and use hot glue to secure it on top of our hair clip!

And we're done! We love making them in a few different colors and using other centerpieces as well! 

If you followed along we would love to see!

Tag us! 



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