Fluffy Southern Boutique Bow Tutorial (video)

You'll love this bow. It's easy to fold, so forgiving, no lazy or wonky ears, and doesn't require sewing! You'll need a zip tie, a few alligator clips and a straight pin - you'll find these few items to be SO helpful! We'd say they're the key to the good Boutique Bow! We'll walk you through the process right here!


  • 30 inches of 2.25-inch width Grosgrain
  • Matching 3/8-inch ribbon, 4-6 inches
  • Small zip tie
  • Covered alligator clip
  • 2 alligator clips + 1 straight pin (optional but SO helpful!)
  • Hairpins
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Lighter (end sealer)



Start by folding your 30 inch length of two and a quarter ribbon 1 inch down from the ends. Use your thumbnail to make a visible crease.

Moving to the loop created at the bottom, make a crease here. And then repeat this step. These creases will help you keep your ears evenly spaced when you go to fold your bow.

Starting on the right-most edge, take your first crease from the right and angle it 60 degrees down, placing on top of the adjacent crease. Holding this move tight, repeat this step with the next available crease to the left, mirroring the angle on the other side. You can clip this in place with an alligator clip, which is helpful if your ribbon is especially soft.

Looking to your length of ribbon that is facing diagonally down to the right, fold your end under to create an open loop. Finding your next crease, send that directly between the V created at the top of your first two loops. This will help you keep your bow centered. Scoot this crease between the layers you have created. Not behind, not on top. Over the bottom layer, under the top two layers. Scoot this length of ribbon about an inch into the center of your bow.

Now take your LAST crease, and fold it down on top of your bow, mirroring the 60 degree angle you've created in all your other folds. Make sure your two sets of ears look symmetrical! Clip this set of ears in place with your second alligator clip.

Flip over and make sure your loops are running parallel to one another. At this point, if they are not, it is usually easier to start over than attempt to correct. We like using one piece of ribbon over-and-over as our practice piece so we’re not wasting new ribbon to get our moves right.

Looking over your bow, you want the loops to look even and symmetrical.

Now to keep all your work in place, run a straight pin horizontally through the very center of the bow, making sure to grab all four layers. Remove your clips, and get ready to crease!

So our bow is made with two peaks and one valley with the top and bottom edges folding UP. Start by sending your pin back, and create one Peak above the pin and one peak below.

Using your zip tie, cinch close enough to keep your loops together and scoot it towards the center of your bow. Do not cinch all the way, just tight enough to keep your work in-place.

Taking your alligator clip, run behind your bow, between bow and zip tie. Adjust the zip tie, bringing zip tie knot to the back. Adjust any loops or any centering you need to before pulling zip tie tight.

Glue your center on by starting inside the alligator clip. Wrap around the front of your bow at least once, twice for added security, before gluing down inside of alligator clip. And you’re all done!