Glittering Holiday Bow DIY

'Tis the season for glitter! We are loving all things glitter this holiday season so today we have the perfect adorable holiday bow tutorial for you with just the right amount of sparkle! 
Follow along to make your own!
You will need:
Let's get started!
First, download and trace your bow piece onto your glitter felt and cut it out. You can also use a Cricut for this step if you have one available. 
Next, cut a strip about 4" long out of your 7/8" grosgrain and glue the sides in towards the center. Seal the ends with a lighter. This piece will cover your alligator clip. Glue the strip seam side down onto the clip and wrap it around to the back. You can set the clip aside for later.
Now you will need to cut two 7" strips from your 1.5" grosgrain and two 5" strips from your 7/8" grosgrain. With each of these strips, you will make a loop held together with a small dot of glue.
Put the seam of each loop to the center back and glue the centers down also with a very small dab of glue.
Next, take each piece and accordion fold it starting from the center. Using a piece of thread, secure each accordion folded piece together. 
Next, secure each of the 7/8" bow pieces on top of each 1.5" bow piece with thread so that you have two bow pieces.
 Hold the two bow pieces parallel to each other and wrap the centers tightly together and secure with thread. Your bow is starting to take shape!
Finally, grab your glitter felt bow back that we created at the start and glue the bow piece onto the center of it. You will now need to cut a thin straight strip from your glitter felt, about 3" long by 1/4" wide. Glue one end to the backside of the bow and then glue your clip on top of that. 
Wrap your glitter felt strip tightly around the entire bow center and then adhere the other end to the inside of your alligator clip, securing everything together. 
And your holiday bow is complete!! 
These adorable bows are so fun to make and there are so many fun color combinations you can try! 
Share a photo of how your glittering holiday bow turns out!



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