No-Sew Tutu and Headband (video)

Make the sweetest no-sew tutu and headband with this easy DIY Tutorial! 
Follow along with us below! 



1. Twist tulle around your finger to create a loop at the top. Working from the back of the headband to the front, feed loop through a gap on the second row from the bottom. Pull tails through the loop to begin your tutu.

tulle tutu tutorial


2. Repeat all the way around. For the second layer, repeat with sparkle tulle or a second layer of classic tulle. Now working from front-to-back-to-front, feed loop into gap on third row coming up on gap in fourth row.


3. Time to add shabbies to the front! Trim tulle edge from Ivory Shabby Chiffon flower.Tulle tutu Tutorial

4. Stretch headband and place felt dots on the inside.

5. Add hot glue to the top of the headband. Add shabby on top of glue. Press all four layers together. Repeat! Overlap shabbies slightly across the front.

6. Add satin ties. Repeat previous steps by adding the end of ribbon between shabby and headband layers. Don't forget glue! 

You're all done! 

Tulle Tutu Tutorial


Want to also make a matching shabby headband? Watch our video tutorial below!