Patriotic Pony Tail Streamer (video)

It's a party in the USA with our patriotic pony tail streamer! The perfect hairbow for the 4th or July or anytime you feel like celebrating America! We'll teach how to create your own pony tail streamer in just a few steps.



Gather your ribbon. We are using Star SpangledSolid Grosgrain in Electric, Polka Dots in Poppy Red, Patriotic Tie Dye, and Double Ruffle in Light Royal. There are so many prints and colors to choose from so get creative with it! 

Cut the ends of your ribbon diagnolly as pictured above. After cutting, use a lighter to prevent ribbon from fraying. Simply hold your ribbon up to the flame, not directly in the flame. 

Overlap your ribbon.

Tie your thread around the center of the gathered ribbon.

Tie again around the pony elastic and cut any long pieces of thread.

Wrap 3/8" ribbon around the pony elastic covering the thread. Hot glue ribbon to stay in place. 

You're done! You've created a patriotic ponytail streamer! Color coordinate or mix prints for a fun look.