Pearl Satin Bow with Glitter Tutorial!

We've been seeing this style of bow so much lately and decided to make one! Follow along to learn how you can easily make this elegant bow perfect for dressing up. 


Step 1

Let's start with cutting 28" of our satin ribbon.


Step 2

Then, cut your glitter HTV the width of your ribbon and about an inch long.


Step 3

Now, put the glitter HTV on the ends on your ribbon and heat press them together at 375 degrees for 15 seconds. If there's any excess vinyl use your scissors to trim it evenly with the ribbon!


Step 4

And now you can tie up your bow!


Step 5

After that, we added our pearls with a hot glue gun. You could also sew them on!


And then you're done! We hope you love your new bow and we can't wait to see it on you!

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