Petite Satin Bow Tutorial

Add a touch of elegance and charm to any outfit, gift, or decoration with a simple  petite satin bow! Whether you’re dressing up a little one for a special occasion, adding a nice touch to a wrapped present, or enhancing your home decor, this petite satin bow is versatile and beautiful! Follow along for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own petite satin bows.


- 5/8" Satin Ribbon 

- Scissors 

- Hot Glue Gun 

- Clip (for the hair bow version)

Step 1

Let's start by cutting our satin ribbon. We will need 3 pieces, one 14", one 9" and one 2.5" long. 

Step 2

Next, grab your 9" piece and fold the ends into the middle and secure them there with hot glue. 

Step 3

Now, grab your 14" piece and fold it like this. 

Then, scrunch it up into this shape. 

Step 4

After those pieces are ready, take your 9" piece, put it on top of the 14" piece, and scrunch them together like this.

Secure with a zip tie! 

Step 5

Now, take your 2.5" ribbon and wrap it around the center. Secure it with hot glue. 

And then you're all done! You can add a hair clip if you'd like or add some hot glue to the back to stick to a gift box! These bows are not only fun and easy to make but also add a personal touch to your style or gifts. Experiment with different colors and widths of satin ribbon to expand your collection of handmade bows! If you followed along, tag us @ribbonandbowsohmy :)