Striped Hair Bow Tutorial

Try this simple and easy bow tutorial! We have the perfect stripe colors for any season and any outfit! Follow along with this tutorial and find out how to make them!
All you need is:
First cut a strip of ribbon about 15" long. Put the ends together and trim at a 90 degree angle. Start your bow by criss-crossing the ribbon making sure the tails are even. 
Second, gather the ribbon in the middle. Fold once in then fold once out on both sides. Secure with a zip tie.
Third, cut about 3" of ribbon to cover the clip. Fold the ribbon in thirds and glue together. Glue folded ribbon to the top and around the bottom of the clip. Trim excess.

Fourth, cut another piece of ribbon about 3" long then cut off 1/3 long ways to use as the center piece! Glue the piece to the top of the bow and wrap around.  
Last, attach the clip to the back. Take the centerpiece and glue the end to the inside top of the clip. Cut off excess.
And that's how you make the cutest little hair clip!
Thanks for reading! See you next time for more fun tutorials!
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