Tails Down Boutique Bow + Bow Genius Tutorial (video)

The Bow Genius is helping you make every kinda bow - from Boutique Bows to Tree Topper bows to Mailbox Bows! Here we make a Tails-Down Boutique Bow with perfectly symmetrical loops! This is a sweet, traditional bow, great for tail-art and blinging!


This Boutique Bow is a little more advanced! We have some tips for ya, though - when you first start making this bow, use the same length of ribbon to make this guy a few times. You will get a hang of the folding and won't waste ribbon (which is awesome!). Some bows can be made cute the first time, EVERY time, but when you're up for a challenge, the Tails Down Boutique Bow is there for a rainy, challenge-filled day!

You'll need the following: