Tri-Layered Ice Cream Bow!

Indulge in the sweet delight of crafting with this playful and creative tutorial for making a tri-layered ice cream bow! Perfect for adding a pop of fun to outfits, this whimsical bow resembles a delightful scoop of ice cream and is sure to bring smiles wherever it's seen. Grab your materials, and let's scoop up some crafty joy!


- Zip Tie

Step 1

Start by measuring 3 separate pieces of grosgrain ribbon. Each piece will be 8" inches. 

Step 2

Now, fold each piece into the middle and use your hot glue gun to secure. 

Step 3

Then, you can stack them and scrunch them together like this. 
Use a zip tie around the middle to keep that shape.
This part is optional since it will be covered but we added a piece of 3/8" ribbon around the zip tie for a cleaner finish.

Step 4

Use this SVG to make your glitter ice cream!

Step 5

And now you can add the ice cream to the center of your bow and you're done! 
Your tri-layered ice cream bow is now ready to wear or give as a sweet, handcrafted gift! This project is not only a fun way to spend an afternoon but also results in a unique accessory that's sure to be loved by all! Play around with different colors and decorations to make each bow uniquely yours. Happy crafting!