Two Tone Fluffy Southern Christmas Boutique Bow (video)

You know what gets the fluffiest boutique bows? You're going to love this: zip ties! Not sewing or black magic or anything crazy - just zip ties! Get this cutie with us - you’ll LOVE the way this fluffy, two-tone bow looks. Use it as the base for a super-cute stacked bow - this Fluffy 2.25 inch Boutique Bow is the cutest! BONUS: No straight-pins needed for this bow!




We’ll be using two and a quarter inch Polka in Red and Apple to get this very fluffy, wonderful Southern Boutique Bow so let’s get started!

Cut two 16-inch lengths of your ribbon, one of each color, making sure that they are the same length. Stack them together, making sure they’re even and trimming any excess on either ribbon, fold through the center to make your centermark.

Stack center-mark to centermark, overlapping your top length by 90degrees.

Place a small, thin dot of glue between your layers to keep them in-place.

Taking your ends, perfectly overlap them and place a small, thin dot of glue to hold them in-place.

Repeat this step with the second set of loops, alternating which ribbon goes on top.

Once each set of ears is created, overlap these by 1 inch and, again, place small dot of glue to hold these moves together. So easy! So now it’s time to crease our center and place our zip-tie.

Looking at your vertical and horizontal center of your bow, create a Valley by pushing the center away from you. Create another peak and valley on either side so that your final bow has Top and Bottom edges folding towards the front of the bow.

Pinching tight, place your zip tie on the back of the bow - we find it easiest if the the mouth of the zip tie is resting just above the center. Feed your zip tie through and carefully cinch while still pinching your knot. Pull the zip tie tight enough to loosely hug your creases, but do not tighten all the way.

The trick with this last step is to stop and look at your bow and make sure your zip tie is hugging the exact center. Because we often pinch our bow in the exact center, our zip tie will sometimes hug the bow a little too far to the right. So scoot your zip tie closer to center.

When you’re happy with the symmetry of your bow, insert your covered alligator clip, headband, or barrette between the zip tie and bow. Make sure you’re liking the look of your bow, then cinch tight!

And you’re all done! You can find all the grosgrain, polka, seasonal prints, glitter, tulle, velvet and satin AND bow-making hardware you need at Thank you guys so much for watching!